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Monday to Friday, 1pm to 5pm
*Contact us before passing. We are often out.

12 mm Sleeper Hoops Earrings with Freshwater Pearl - 10k Gold


Small 12mm Huggies Earrings in Yellow or White Gold that Never Go Out of Style

Minimalist and delicate, these 10k huggies are the perfect pair of hoops to put on and forget about them. Ultra light, they are very comfortable to wear at all times, day and night. Forget about the hassle of a stopper and a post puncturing your skin. These endless hoops hug your lobe from front to back. They are the perfect pair of earrings to sleep with and you can do all your daily activities with them. The little pearl is mobile and can be removed. So be aware not to loose it when you put them on. This size is perfect for your first hole, but it will also fits nicely on the The sleepers hoops are a little harder to insert than regular posts and stoppers earrings. To learn how to put them on without damaging them, click here!

Warning: This is a delicate product that needs to be carefully taken care of. It is very important that you take your earrings off before going to sleep or before participating in any sports. It’s also important that you limit its contact with water. This will prevent the pearl from falling off prematurely.

The Basics - Pearls, a Jewelry Collection Featuring the Timeless Elegance of Pearls

Pearls, the quintessence of elegance. Jewelry in its most simplest form. This is the objective of The Basics - Pearls Collection. Those jewelry designs with classic lines are handmade in Montreal, Canada by Camillette. Using only high quality material from local providers, like gold, sterling silver and yellow bronze, they are long lasting and durable. 

Why Wearing Endless Hoops:

  • Wear them alone for a very minimal look
  • These are the perfect pair of for girls, young women and teenagers looking their first pair of pearls earrings
  • These fits perfectly anywhere on the cartilage 👂
  • You can wear them in your second or third hole
  • Because you can put them on and do all your daily activities, day and night
  • These are perfect for women who like to keep the same pair of earrings all the time
  • Because they are timeless and will never go out of style

Materials of These Tiny Sleeper Hoop Earrings 

Choose between two different materials:

  • solid 10k yellow gold
  • Solid 10k white gold with rhodium plating

Each comes with a pair of dainty cultured freshwater white pearl. Farmed in China.

Discover our other models of Basics Gold Sleeper Hoop Earrings and the Prelude 10k Sleeper Hoop Earrings. Each are available in many different sizes.

Learn More About Cultured Freshwater Pearls

Dimensions and Sizes

  • Diameter – 12 mm (0.47″)
  • Thickness – 1 mm (0.04″)

*Sold as a pair*


The hoops are polished ✨ and each pearl has a smooth and lustrous finish

Maintenance and Care

No special maintenance is necessary for 10k gold as it does not tarnish or oxidize.
Learn more about care and maintenance of jewelry. Pearls are a gift from Mother Nature worth caring for. Learn more about care and maintenance of jewelry with pearls.

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