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How to Clean Silver, Brass, Bronze and Gold Jewelry?

How to Clean Silver, Brass, Bronze and Gold Jewelry?


How to Keep my Camillette Jewelry Shiny and New?

Jewelry is one of the small (and sometimes even big) pleasures in life, but what about care and maintenance? It is important to take good care of your jewelry to maximize its lifespan and ensure that it retains its original appearance. Of course, not all materials require the same attention or care, so it is essential to follow specific instructions!

How to Clean Silver Jewelry?

Sterling or 925 silver will tarnish naturally and become darker with time and use. It is recommended to use a jewelry polishing cloth to ensure that they keep their shine and original appearance. These cloths can be purchased here or from your local jeweler. No need to use water. Just rub the jewelry with the cloth! The fabric can be used until it is completely blackened or is not longer cleaning properly. Polishing cloths contain polishing paste. The cloth should therefore not be washed, which would remove the polishing paste.

Prélude Collection earrings and rings in sterling silver and 14k yellow gold. Handmade in Montreal by Camillette Jewelry.

It is also NOT recommended to use liquid solutions to clean silver (such as Tarnex). These solutions make silver porous and it will tarnish faster.

Homemade helpful tips! To quickly clean up silver, smear and rub it with toothpaste. It is not as effective as a polishing cloth like the Sunshine Cloth, but it helps!

Warning! Do not use the polishing cloth on your glasses. You will scratch the lenses!

How to Clean Brass or Bronze Jewelry?

Brass and bronze oxidize and tarnish a little faster than silver. Depending on the type of skin, some people react more. A dark mark may appear on your skin. This does not mean the jewelry is cheap or of bad quality. Tarnishing is a completely normal phenomenon. Like silver, the best way to make brass and bronze shine is with a polishing cloth.

Fruit stud earrings in brass by Camillette Jewelry. Handmade in Montreal. Collaboration with From Rachel.

Homemade tricks! To quickly clean brass and bronze, coat and rub with ketchup, rinse and dry thoroughly.

How to Clean Gold Jewelry?

Gold does not require any particular or specific maintenance because it does not tarnish and nor oxidize. This is why gold is so popular, hence its high price. However, it is recommended to clean it with a polishing cloth to keep its original appearance as well as its shine.

Camillette Jewelry Orb necklace in 14k yellow gold. Handmade in Montreal.

How to Clean Jewelry with Pearls?

Pearls require specific maintenance as well as more care. True gifts from Mother Nature, they deserve special attention! It is important not to wear them when exercising, showering, bathing, in the pool or in the spa. In addition, do not put them under running water, if you do the dishes or laundry for example. The beads can be cleaned with a soft cloth. Here's how to help keep pearls shine and keep their original look:

Paisley Stud Earrings with baroque pearl in sterling silver. Handmade in Montreal by Camillette Jewelry.

  • Avoid putting the pearls in contact with products such as bleach, chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, ammonia, hair products, skin products, perfumes or other cosmetics since these damage them;
  • Refrain from spraying perfume, skin or hair products on the pearls;
  • Pearls absorb and benefit from the natural oils secreted by the skin, the more you wear your pearls, the more beautiful they will be!
  • Beware of objects that could scratch the pearl's surface in order to keep its natural shine.

Your jewelry will thank you for the attention and care you give it, guaranteed! If you have any questions about the care of jewelry, please contact us!

Image : @Curology