Meet the maker

Hello there! My name is Camille Ouellette and I am the owner and designer of the brand Camillette Jewelry.

Camillette is all about refined, delicate and modern handmade jewelry. Noble and contemporary materials are elegantly combined to produce minimalist yet fine jewelry pieces. Simple shapes and contrasting textures, materials and colors are at the hearth of my work.

In Spring 2015 I founded Camillette Jewelry. Living and working in Montreal, I share a collective workshop with three other fellow jewelers at the Ateliers Capitol in the Rosemont neighbourhood.


I favor delicate and small designs over flashy and complex ones.
I am a strong believer of a “less is more” aesthetic approach.

As a young adult, I took an introduction class to jewelry making and I was instantly hooked. I completed my studies in industrial designer and then specialized in sustainability. Working as a sustainability consultant, I kept on making jewelry in my free time. I took various classes to gain experience and know-how in jewelry making. Being partly self-taught, I also learned a lot by trial and error and making (sometimes) mistakes.


I get my inspiration from my surrounding environment. I like to explore simple and geometrical shapes. I mostly use sterling silver and gold combined with other metals like brass and bronze. I also like to explore with modern material like acrylic, iron, silk and glass to produce simple and unique jewelry pieces.

Process wise, I first make sketches in my handbook or with a drawing software. I recently started to use a desktop milling machine to produce some of my designs. Using a milling machine allows me to make more precise pieces, increase productivity and reduce my overall production time for a series of units. I love my machine! Otherwise, I use few simple tools; welding torch, files, sandpaper, saw, hand drill, pliers and a polishing machine. My practice of jewelry blends traditional and modern techniques. I design and make all the pieces myself, using local and ethically sourced materials as much as possible.



Previous Shows

Marché des Ateliers Capitol, Montreal, Canada (2016)
Marché de Noël du Marché St-Jacques, Montreal, Canada (2015)
Marché de la dernière chance, Montreal, Canada (2015)
#AtelierNoel, Montreal, Canada (2015)
Marché des ateliers Capitol, Fall Edition, Montreal, Canada (2015)
Renegade Craft Fair, San Francisco, USA (2015)
Urban Air Maket, Berkley, USA (2015)
SFEtsy Summer Indie Emporium, San Francisco, USA (2015)
Patchwork show, Oakland, USA (2015)
SFEtsy Indie Holiday Emporium, San Francisco, USA (2014)
Puces Pop, Montreal, Canada (2013)
Marché Smart Design Mart, Montreal, Canada (2012)
Marché de Noël les Joailliers du dimanche, Galerie du Plateau, Montreal, Canada (2012)
Collabo Atelier b.+ les Joailliers du dimache + Mode 34B, Montreal, Canada (2012)
Puces POP, Spring edition, Montreal, Canada (2012)
Boutique éphémère / Pop-up Shop: Le carrousel, with les Joailliers du dimanche, Galerie du Plateau, Montreal, Canada (2012)
Marché de Noël, Gammlia, Umeå, Sweden (2011)
Marché de Noël, Mezzanine du Marché-Jean Talon, Montreal, Canada (2008)


SFEtsy team, San Francisco, USA
Les Joailliers du dimanche, jewelry collective, Montreal, Canada


Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts, Wax Carving and Casting , California, USA (2015)
Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts, Mold Making, California, USA (2014)
Master Degree, The International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics, Sweden, (2006-2007)
Industrial Design Bachelor’s diploma from University of Montreal, Canada (2005)
School exchange in jewelry design, Haute École d’Art appliqué et de Design, Geneva, Switzerland (2004)
Enamel workshop, École de joaillerie et de métaux d’art de Montréal, Canada (2003)
Private classes, with Catherine Béchard, Montreal, Canada (2001-2002)
Saydie Bronfman, Art Center in Montreal, Multiple jewelry classes, Canada (2000-2005)