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Belle et Rebelle. 6321 Rue St-Hubert, Montreal, QC Canada H2S 2L9

Betina Lou. 6510 Rue Henri-Julien, Montreal, Qc, Canada H2S 2V2

Bodybag. 17 Bernard Ouest, Montreal, Qc, Canada H2T 2J6

Comme un gant. Online clothes and accessories loaning platform, Montreal

Fibres Collectives. Online store. Ships worldwide

Général 54. 5145 St-Laurent, Montreal, QC, Canada H2T 1R9

Lowell. 5364 St-Laurent, Montréal, QC Canada H2T 1S1

White Elephant. Hamilton. ON, Canada

Victoire. Ottawa & Toronro. ON, Canada


Maison d’Etre. 5640 College Avenue. Oakland, CA 94618

Rare Device. 4071 24th Street, San Francisco, CA 94114

Tender Loving Empire. 525 NW 23rd Ave. Portland, OR 97210